Websites with nice aesthetics

I just came across a really nice website which is a blog in fact. The blog belongs to Douglas Neiner. He is the Official Team Member on some Jquery project and is based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The site seems easy to recreate and is one of the few sites I would love to redo.
Website :::

Also, yet another site here is quite nice too. I love the way things are set up in this site. I tried to get some ideas from this website while creating a template of mine.
Yet another one is here.

There are a few websites which would love to recreate in my own way. I have done a handful of them but I feel an ever growing urge within me once I come across a site which I feel looks pretty. One of them is a blog and certainly the recreation is on cards now.The site is here.

Yet another one is here. Its a jewelery site and the design is quite attractive.


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