Guzarish : A movie for Art admirers

Last evening, it was a pleasure to watch this movie. My review is based upon certain parameters which I feel important for any movie. Hope you have a nice time going through this. Comments are always welcome.

1) Star Cast :
The movie’s star cast is simply fabulous. Hrithik playing the role of a yester-year magician, who gets betrayed by one of his friends, becomes the victim of jealousy and is quadriplegic. But is still an idol for people around. Then Aishwarya plays a nurse dedicated to her master ensures that he still lives a life of dignity. There are hordes of supporting crew as well and the star cast deserves four stars out of five from me.

2) Songs :
The movie has some god songs or proses which are indeed inspiring and hummable as well. But for pure song-lover folks, this area disappoints. The song 100 gram zindigi is good. All the songs, though, are melodious. So, three stars from me.

3) Cinematography :
The movie scores quite high in this category. The camera has been put to use in this movie simply magnificiently. The cinematographer really deserves kudos for this. The movie simply makes you get a blue background. The most fabulous scene is the one where its raining in Goa in the movie. The scene is simply fantabulous . Hence five stars from me.

4) Choreography :
The dance steps are also commendable, though it wont be suitable to a larger audience. So, two stars from me.

5) Story :
This is not about a story line. Its about a social issue, a serious one that needs to be addressed.

6) Acting :
The acting of all he actors is highly commendable and all are lively. So four stars from me.

About The Movie :

The movie is about one of the greatest magicians, Ethan Mascarenhas. But he get to be a victim of the jealousy of one of his friends, Yasir Siddiqui. In the present era, he is a quadriplegic but lively guy who has his radio show radio Zindigi. Aishwarya plays Sophia, who is his nurse and the one who ensures that the legend lives a life of dignity despite of not being able to move. Moreover Ethan’s doctor and his lawyer friend also are commendable in their performances. The movie is worth watching for the performances and the locales. It has been shot in Goa and the beauty shown is just incredible.

I have seen some of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies and can surely assure you that this one is one of his best. Altogether, I suggest all my readers to get to a theater and watch and enjoy this Sanjay Lela Bhansali’s one of the masterpieces.
I have read some articles in some papers whereby Hrithik has been compared with Jesus and Aishwarya with Mary Magdelene, but surely thats an exaggeration. This one from SLB is indeed enjoyable for those who love art and beauty.
Please comment me your valuable suggestions and your review as well.
Enjoy reading.


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