Video Sidebar in WordPress

I came across a plugin which can be used to play videos from various players in WordPress as a widget. The link here is the home page for the main site for this widget. This is used to play embedded flash videos from different video sharing sites (You Tube, Blip, MySpace, et al).

To start using his widget, you just need to install the plugin, activate it and insert the videos you need to play on your site. This insertion is done in the Tiny MCE editor that opens up when you get to the widget area for that particular plugin. Once you are done with the insertion of the video, a small screenshot of the video appears on the space above the details in the editor area. The auto play feature isnt available for videos from some sharing sites.

You need to get the video ID which you need to insert into the space of VideoID while working with this plugin. This Video ID is nothing but the identification code.Video Identification aims for three main goals: accurate identification, choice for copyright holders, and a great user experience. More on Video ID here.

Video ID is normally a set of numerals but it can also be alphanumeric in nature.


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