Break Ke Baad : My take on this movie

I had been very adamant on the day I had to move to my home town after staying some eight months at work. I had booked a ticket for Break Ke Baad but the show was called off owing to lack of audience. It was a shock for me as the day happened to be the release day of movie. Though I got skeptical about the movie, I had been stubborn to watch it. Here is what I feel for the movie. Hope you will have a nice time going through this. Comments are always welcome.

1) Star Cast :
The movie’s star cast is I love a lot. Any movie with Deepika Padukone is surely gonna be romantic and simply youth oriented (not sure if I am using the correct word here). Imran and Deepika are quintessential childhood friends. Imran loves her and for her, he is her best friend. a friend in real terms. She gets to conquer her dream and they get involved in a duel. Things go awry for Imran as she goes for her studies in Australia and obviously could not manage time for Imran. The first half is simply fantabulous. In he latter half she also develops a feeling of close proximity and they get together. So four stars from me out of five.

2) Songs :
The songs are all good and are worth listening, rather hummable. So four stars from me out of five.

3) Cinematography :
There is no such a serious or exciting thing to mention about this category. So two stars from me out of five.

4) Choreography :
This category also has not much to mention. This is because the story was different and hence this comment. So two stars from me out of five.

5) Story :
The story is really exciting atleast as far as I am concerned. This is so close to me, that I would watch it again if I get a chance. This movie reminds me clearly of someone very special in my life. The story especially the first half is quite similar to the my story. I just couldnt fathom that my so simple story can be someone else’s too. And I was just on cloud nine. So four stars from me out of five.

6) Acting :
The acting of all he actors is okay especially the gorgeous Deepika. So four stars from me out of five.

About The Movie:
Though I have mentioned quite a bit about this movie, let me tell you a bit more. Deepika plays Aliya Khan, a girl who enjoys life to its full and is so lucky to have her childhood friend Abhay Gulati (Imran). The songs are quite good and the story goes on well. But if you watch it with some expectations in your mind, I am afraid you would dislike it. Its a movie which you can relate yourselves to as I did. Enjoy.

Please comment me your valuable suggestions and your review as well.
Enjoy reading.


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  1. Superb posting, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular world truly does not picture for a moment like me and also the blog site creator 😀


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