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Icons for Design

Designing a web site might be a creative thing to do and might ask for a lot much so-called creativity, but its not that heck of a job. It simply needs a bit of confidence and quite much concentration.

You must wish to use some attractive design icons to be included in your site. Following gives you a list for the icons.

1) Icon List 1

2) Icon List 2

3) Icon List 3


Nice A-Z about Web Designing

I just came across a link that has the content really fascinating. It is really worth a read. Link.


I love being a part of the Internet community and moreover feels comfortable with the fact that I am not simply availing the services of this immensely disparate group, I am trying to contribute though this contribution might be a piffle. To be precise, I design and develop websites depending upon the requirements. I am mostly involved with coding in HTML & CSS, though I can do some PHP & CMS stuffs as well.