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Friendship is a bond to revere

Before I begin this entry of mine, let me dedicate this (at least) to Aradhana Prakash Gupta, a friend of Ruchika Girhotra. She lives in Sydney with her family and teaches some language in a school there(apologies, I forgot). She has really set an example for all those who consider themselves as someone’s friend without realizing the real meaning of this sacred bond called Friendship. No one can ever imagine herself in the midst of a situation where one’s best friend gets violated, tormented and when all this was not enough was even made to commit suicide all because of a man who was old enough to be her father.. I would surely not like even the deadliest of my enemies (if any) to be inflicted upon such a life.This Valentine’s Day, Aradhana even has started a website for this noble cause . Its Please visit this and be a part of this Crusade for Justice.

Friendship is not a mere formality that people boast of being in. This sacred thread has been bestowed upon by the Almighty so that we learn how to love and spread love. This is the secret of this transient world. In my own case, this sacred thread has got too many knots to get along with. My best friend of, sometimes in my school days broke off with me. He had been so close that he knew me in and out once. We used to be buddies, so close that even some of our teachers used to cite our examples in front of our classmates. Though our homes were far away, this never was an impediment. There are still certain sweet memories of him in my life. then one fateful day,while I was trying to connect with him, I was tersely asked to get away.And the guy telling this was no one but the same so called friend of mine. That one message was the end to our some seven years long friendship. I was simply heart broken. I never had imagined that I will have to face such a situation in my life. It was more like a slap in my face to which I had nothing to say. Everywhere in this world if any one gets punished, he is at least aware of what his fault or crime or sin is. I am not at all aware of mine.I simply dont know what I did. Its like I had been severely punished for some crime I never thought I committed. It took me some five or six months to accept the fact that something like this happened to me. But then everything has a silver lining. I learnt how to be alone in life and also keep oneself going which is the gist of life. I learnt not to wail upon over split milk and that nothing in the world is permanent. May be for this fact, I have so much of respect for this sacred bond. But the guys around flaunt it very much than to understand the responsibilities attached with it. I guess the Aradhana really deserves kudos for her brave act of hers. Her patience and determination has made her a real idol for so called friends to emulate.