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Nalco 2010 questions for Instrumentation & Control

The written exam for GET & MT in National Aluminium Company Limited. for the year 2010 was held on September 26,2010 (Sunday).

The question paper had two parts as usual. First one was the general aptitude section and the other one the technical section each with 60 multiple answer questions.

I present some of the questions as I remember.

Technical Part:

  • Most of the questions in the Instrumentation & Control section were from the Control Systems paper. Most of them were about the basic functions of the controllers (PI, PD and et al).
  • Also, some four questions were about the laplace transforms of the signals given. One of them was a square signal.
  • Moreover, for the instrumentation part, there were questions related to he basics about so many instruments (most of which I had never heard of, me being an ECE student) namely areameter, venturimeter, rotameter, pitot tube, anemometer, Mcloid gauge, themocouple gauge, avometer and so many (though the questions were basic).
  • There were some of them about some control valves like pneumatic, electronic, solenoidal valves , hydraulic gauge.
  • Some were about CSTR, Kelvin Double Bridge, ballistic tests in magnetic instruments, mole bridge, VTVM. Theses were not the problematic ones but conceptual.
  • Under what condition of he damping ratio is the response of the second order system sinusoidal?

Aptitude Part :

These were very simple in nature.

  • First four were some simple series with a term missing.
    who was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rana award on Aug 29,2010.?
  • What is the max duration for between the two sessions of the Parliament?
  • Which sect (religion) are the caves of Ellora famous for?
  • Some questions about a simple passage related to nuclear energy.

The test results, as mentioned on the site, will be sent by post.